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کار نمیکند

برنامه کار نمیکنه و فقط فضای خالی رو نشون میده


I was trying to download a mod to it for my game and now it wont work!!


Just advertisements.


It doesn’t even work😡😡😡🤬

Total Garbage

This app is totally useless. It doesn't manage ANY files because everything reads zero bytes and I know that's not right! The iPad wouldn't work very well without any files! Removing the app.

Useless and owfull

One of the worst thousands apps in store

Doesn't do pop

Not an app. Just another loser developer on the app store. Really, there aren't this many piece of rubbish devs on android.

The app is amazing

The app is amazing


When I install this app, it was nothing. You have to import stuff to make it work. It's useless because you can't access app data and all those stuff. I deleted it


Every time I open up a file through this app it always comes up blank.

Itz not that good

Make it so you can copy into minecraft pe

Needs Web Browser Downloading!

Needs Web Browser Downloanding! ASAP!

Ripoff of a great app

This is definitely not iFile. The second that I saw the word documents was spelled "documnets", I knew this app was total garbage. Don't waste your time regardless of the fact that it's free. It's not iFile, you cannot navigate files or system files.




Wth is this it shows none of my files everything is 0 stupid app wasted my time

کار نمیکند

برنامه کار نمیکنه و فقط فضای خالی رو نشون میده 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Doesn't work

Reads 0 bytes in all categories. Does nothing useful.




Looks like it might have decent cloudshare services, but the first test - moving over an attachment from Mail - failed. Not a good start.

Does it

Does it download minecraft mods I can't do it without jail break

Uhm, what???

It has a nice menu and all, but I can't and don't see my apps on it???

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